Spirulina Balls – Superfood!


I have been trying to be healthy this summer…but it is not exactly working. However, I found  a store near where I live that sells Spirulina powder (along with fakes and pills). Spirulina is an amazing super food. Its a blue- green algae that has been around for thousands of years. It is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. I eat it because it is higher in protein than any fish or meet around. It is also a great appetite suppressant!

Spirulina balls are pretty popular form in which to incorporate Spirulina in to a diet.

I used hemp seeds, cocoa powder, honey, coconut oil and vanilla/mint flavoring. I like to make minty Spirulina balls.

First I added the hemp seeds.


Then the cocoa.


Then the Spirulina powder!


And the final product!!! I rolled mine in hemp seeds to stop the stickiness when they are picked up.




About Aislinn M.

19 year old Science student with a passion for food ...especially desserts! I study in London, Ontario, Canada but Hong Kong is home<3 Follow me to hear/see my ramblings and creations. There is no theme, there are no limitations. I post whatever I feel like. I am totally open for recommendations and requests. I always love to hear new recipe ideas!

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